Sature is a game inspired by the experience of being a painter. Drawing from the process of mixing colors on a palette, Sature offers an engrossing turn-based strategy game. Each turn, players place colored tiles on the board. These tiles mix with neighboring colors to create new tactical situations and opportunities for inventive play. The result is a chess-like dance where players rely on their wits to outmaneuver their opponent. When the board is complete and a game is finished, a unique palette emerges from the way the colors have mixed as they were played on the board. Sature is a 1v1 game designed for local multiplayer against a friend or solo play against challenging AI. Each player's goal is to darken and dull out their opponent's colors while maintaining the brightness and saturation of their own colors.


Sature began as a prototype designed in 72 hours. The original game featured squares with eight possible arrows instead of hexes with 6 arrows max. The game has grown with many tweaks to the visual design and animation as well as the color mixing algorithms. Sature includes a colorblind mode that aids players who cannot distinguish the difference in hues between the pieces. All of Sature's features are completed and S.S.64 Games is now preparing for the release date.


  • Unique palettes generated each round through game play
  • Randomly generated boards and colors
  • An original soundtrack and atmospheric audio
  • Minimal graphics and animations that accentuate color relationships
  • 16 extra themed starting palettes, 5 unique game pieces, and a slew of customizable options in the game's paid full version



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured in Meaningful Play's Juried Game Exhibition" East Lansing, October, 2014
  • "Apple App Store Feature" March 26th, 2015
  • "CNET: Best Mobile Games" For month of March 2015

Selected Articles

  • Add color-blind support and randomly generated boards and you have a game that anyone can have a go at, and as many times as it entertains them. Grab a friend, sit them down next to you, and let your quickfire competition fabricate a rainbow honeycomb.
    Chris Priestman, Kill Screen
  • Sature is definitely a game I will kill time with in future on a long bus journey or in a boring lecture...
    Brian Conmy, indieHaven
  • Have you ever, as a kid, or maybe as a late blooming artist, mixed colors together to see what creations you could make? Imagine a game based on that concept.
    Cokamouse, Pookybox
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Sature Credits

Ian Sundstrom
Game Designer, Programmer
Elie Abraham
Sound and Music Design